Soul Care:
The Intersection of Word and Prayer in the Life of a Leader

APRIL 26-MAY 1, 2020
Hosted by Coastal Community Church. Yorktown, VA. USA.

Devoting ourselves to Prayer and the ministry of the Word — the apostles strategy for mission and leadership.

Pointing young leaders to Christ
We are developing global leaders that have the world in mind.  Christ commanded us not only to share our faith, but to take it to the ends of the earth.  Our desire is to equip and train leaders that will impact the nations with the Gospel.
Building Community
In our neighborhoods and to the ends of the earth.
Missionally Driven
What sets spiritual leadership apart from all other forms of leadership? One foundational element to aid spiritual leaders as they grow in capacity to serve is the profound practice of worship. Worship places the human heart in its proper position before his Lord.
An Introduction To
NexGen Leadership

Jim and Sterling O’Neill

Co-Founders | Mentors

Jim serves as Director of Mobilization for Frontier Ventures giving attention to leadership, mobilization, and global partnerships.  He and Sterling have been involved in missional ministry now for over 35 years and are passionate about developing a new generation of global leaders.

Soul Care: 
The Intersection of Word and Prayer in the Life of a Leader   

Rich, deep, saturation of Prayer and God’s Word. The 2020 NextGen Leaders conference will be devoted to exploring the intersection of Prayer and Word, specifically between the space of the inner soul and the outer place of ministry.

The beginning of the book of Acts portrays the flourishing of the fledging church. With the explosive growth and attendant needs, the apostles wisely saw the profound need to orient and ground their priorities. The reorientation provides a remarkable, yet simple clarity. Such simple priorities are ones we all need in our lives. 

In Acts 6 the Apostles note the care of widows must be attended to by younger, godly servants. Then the apostles pivot the discussion to give us their essential leadership priorities. Namely, attending to Prayer and the ministry of the Word. 

The apostles located their participation in Jesus’ mission as faithfulness in the ways of Prayer and the ministry of Jesus’ Word. All further development and strategy hinged up rightly handling the Word of the gospel and rightly practicing the language of Prayer. 

Simple. Yet, so very profound.

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