When you are trying to find those next-steps in life, working with a coach can help you clarify, pursue, and achieve your goals. When things are clear, you can see the world that God has called you to, experience new insights, and take action.


NextGen | Coaching

Our Christian Coaching provides training and consulting for those who are seeking to serve God and to achieve their potential in Christ. This program is founded on Biblical principles and reflects what we learn from Jesus about the process of coaching.

As the architect of our program, Jesus exemplified the skills of coaching through the way He communicated with others. Focusing on the Word and this perspective brings enlightenment to the heart and soul of both the coach and the client.

NGL Coaching provides the skills training and resources necessary to help you fulfill the life God has called you to – all in a Christ-focused environment and based on faith in God and the truths of His word.