NextGenLeader Conference Schedule for 2021

With the impact of the virus, we pivoted to 4 NextGenLeader Conferences for this year.



“Christians everywhere have undiscovered and unused spiritual gifts. The leader must help bring those gifts into the service of the kingdom, to develop them, to marshal their power. Spirituality alone does not make a leader; natural gifts and those given by God must be there too.” – J. Oswald Sanders


NGL Coaching provides the skills training and resources necessary to help you fulfill the life God has called you to – all in a Christ-focused environment and based on faith in God and the truths of His word.

Our Story

Investing in the Future

NextGen Leaders was founded in 2003 by Dr. Jim and Sterling O’Neill. It was formed in response to the evident need to allow younger leaders space and time in capacity building for ministry. This is crucial so they could explore areas of mission, leadership, community, need, struggle, weakness suffering and pain.

The NextGen event is a week long leadership conference framed around assisting younger leaders as they develop their spiritual formation and soul care skills, learn to lead from a healthy position and develop missional skills as they serve Jesus and His Gospel in the global theater.

Defining Different With A Simple Mission

Pointing Young Leaders To Christ

We are developing global leaders that have the world in mind.  Christ commanded us not only to share our faith, but to take it to the ends of the earth.  Our desire is to equip and train leaders that will impact the nations with the Gospel.


Missionally Driven

What sets spiritual leadership apart from all other forms of leadership? One foundational element to aid spiritual leaders as they grow in capacity to serve is the profound practice of worship. Worship places the human heart in its proper position before his Lord.



NGLC leaders is focused on intentional mentoring as your journey with Christ grows, building your core group of leaders dedicated to transforming the nations.


Soul Care

Experiencing a rich, deep, saturation of Prayer and God’s Word. The Conference is devoted to exploring the intersection of Prayer and Word, specifically between the space of the inner soul and the outer place of ministry.



Inspiring and equipping student leaders on university campuses in North America by facilitating consultations and congresses toward a passionate missional impulse.


Build a Network

We work to create sustaining partnerships between Majority World leaders in and North American missional movements.


What People are Saying

Joe Frejosky

There is such importance in knowing the value of investment, and in continuing to learn how to invest in the lives of others. As individuals, we will all invest differently and all need to be uniquely invested in. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to share a few tips of practical thought, in the area of investment, which the Lord has revealed to me throughout my time in ministry.

Rasool Berry

When we continue to focus on the person of Jesus Christ, we become more aware of the ‘weights and sins’ that we need to lay aside. Once that happens, we can imitate Jesus who also suffered but through constant prayer and communion with the Father endured hardship and finished His race well. By His grace, and through the help of ELC, I feel more equipped to finish this race of faith.

Toni Shena

Me and my wife had been praying about a food bank in my country. And while being at NGLC, God made it clear that we were to open a food bank. The first ever in my country.

We had no funding, no supporting people, no experience in the social field. It was us and another Christian couple from Holland with the same desire.

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