Lancaster, PA | April 23-28, 2023

About the Conference

We will press into the place of blessing, and the household movements to Christ among all Peoples.​

This vision of mission given to Abraham helps re-imagine the Great Commission
as extended blessing and hope to all Peoples.

Re-imagining Soul Practice

What type of servant delivers this blessing to all the Families of the Earth? We will stop long enough to listen to Jesus’ call to abide, utilizing such creative metaphors as wine, branches, grapes, suffering and witness.

The NextGen Leaders Conference
re-imagines the kind of soul practice that guides us into a lifetime of abiding in Jesus, seeking to bless all the clans of the Earth.

April 23, 2023

Jim and Sterling O’Neill


Deb Fehsenfeld

Dave Shive

John Kim

Josh Davis

Shane O’Neill

Chris Hewitt


Paul James

Daniel Cristiano