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“Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

Jim and Sterling O’Neill

Founders | Mentors

Scott Pleasants

Strategy Advisor and Development

Jared Tuttle

Communications Evangelist

Shawna Kussmaul

Conference Director

Jim and Sterling

Jim serves as the Associate General Director for Frontier Ventures giving attention to leadership, mobilization, global partnerships and is the Founder of the Center for Global Mission. He is passionate about equipping a new generation of leaders that make a global impact for Jesus Christ.

Previously, Jim is a seasoned ministry executive who served as executive vice president and interim president for Tennessee Temple University, president of CrossWorld and ABWE.  In the 1990’s he returned to Liberty University, where he lead the academic missiology program. He has two degrees in missiology, a doctorate from Western Seminary and a master’s from Grace Theological Seminary. He received his bachelor’s degree from Liberty University. Through all of these ministry experiences the common thread has been a love for assisting younger leaders in their preparation for God’s Kingdom assignment.  Thus the ELC.

He has been married to Sterling M. ONeill, his bride and best friend, for 37 years.

Sterling once a southern girl from SC, loves being married and working along side Jim. She has great joy being a mother of 4 grown adults and now a grandmother of 4 wonderful grandchildren. She has lived and served in many places, here and abroad. Now living in the Harrisburg, PA. area. She also enjoys people, writing, creating, art, and tennis.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and a Master’s in Religion and International Cultural Studies. Sterling was called to missions before she was married and is a passionate agent for missional change along with Jim. She has actively worked among mission workers, young leaders, students and served as a professor of missions at Liberty University. Sterling writes a blog of her experiences of mission life and faith at her website (www.sterlingoneill.com) “Woman to Woman: Journeying together through Faith and Missions”.

Sterling’s strengths are people development skills, personal relationships, intercessory prayer and has a creative side to her. As Co-Founder with her husband of CGM Sterling loves to be the ambassador at large, and Hospitality Coordinator liaison to the locations hosting the NGLC events and the delegates attending, among other things. Whatever needs to be done Sterling wants to be there to help.

Simultaneously, she works as a Consultant and Certified Global Life Coach developing leaders for the Global Church as a member of Frontier Ventures (FV) as well. She gets excited in collaborating with others, seeing everything come together. Then she loves being able to sit back and smile, observing everyone else having a great time, and coming away falling more in love with Jesus.

Scott Pleasants

Scott is a creative thinker that see things not the way they are, but how they can be…full of potential. He is serial entrepreneur and focuses on strategic thinking and business development. Scott has more than 25 years of technology leadership experience in building marketing value for his vast network of affiliated organizations. He has helped several companies understand their markets through his consulting company Magellan Learning Solutions. Scott’s main interest at CGM is expanding relationships and demonstrating how disruptive thinking can advance the Kingdom. He enjoys speaking about and educating others on emerging technologies and new media marketing techniques.  But more-so, he is passionate about helping people see how their profession fits into God’s calling for us to reach the nations.

Scott speaks frequently on the topic of disruptive technologies and entrepreneurship. He is the Chief Information Officer for TRBC and has a Masters of Science in Technology Commercialization from Northeastern University and is active champion of STEM education in the state of Virginia.

He has been married to his college sweetheart for 19 years and they have an amazing daughter who wants to be the first woman to walk on the moon.

Jared Tuttle

Jared is passionate about brand marketing, content creation and product development for the two globally-focused organizations. He enjoys photography and video editing, as well as social media marketing techniques. Jared resides in Chattanooga, TN and holds an Associate of Science in Business Administration and Management from Chattanooga State Community College and is enrolled at Tennessee Temple University.

Shawna O’Neill

Shawna, a young leader in her own right, is the 2nd child and daughter to Jim and Sterling O’Neill. Shawna was born in the Philippines. She lives in Pennsylvania, and has been married to Matt Kussmaul, her high school sweetheart since 2010. They have 2 adorable twin boy’s born June 2016. Shawna has been with NGLC for 8 years now.
Shawna graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Women’s Ministry. Shawna with her eye for details, and her compassion, and intuitive understanding of people is an invaluable part of the team to NGLC. She loves working on all the details of the NGLC, which includes all communications with delegates, mentors, and Global leaders, transportation arrangements, and making sure all the pieces comes together like a well-oiled machine. Not to mention her love for her parents and what they do.

Yvonne Miller

Yvonne and Ken Miller have 3 children and 1 grandson. She is a woman of many gifts and talents. She is a Church Planting Coordinator with E3, where she organizes 2 to 3 short term trips a year to different parts of the world. Yvonne is our “Chief Chef” who gives of her time, talents and energy to organize volunteers to work in the kitchen, and plans all the meals and snacks for the week of the NGLC Events.

Her willing and joyful spirit brings new life to our team and happy stomaches to our delegates. No one goes away hungry after being feed by Yvonne. We are thankful for Yvonne’s love for the Lord, to us and to the NextGen Leaders and all the gifts and abilities she brings to the dream team.