Developing the Future

It started with a vision to change the world through mentoring a generation

Our story

Our mission is to help develop Christ followers from different professions and different callings in an effort to reach the nations for Jesus Christ.

Passionate about Discipleship

The Center for Global Mission seeks to fulfill its mission statement by means of the following activities:

  • Equipping emerging leaders to serve in the global theater of mission
  • Partnering with North American minority church leaders to stimulate mission among this community of believers
  • Creating and sustaining partnerships between Majority World leaders in and North American missional movements
  • Inspiring and equipping student leaders on university campuses in North America by facilitating consultations and congresses toward a passionate missional impulse
  • Facilitating mission exposures for North American Christians through short-term trips and training modules
  • Providing for retreats and training toward spiritual formation and the integration of theology, mission, and doxology with emerging leaders

Training next generation younger leaders is the intent behind the Emerging Leaders Conference. The central ideal behind training and mentoring younger missional leaders was birthed out of my experiences in leading a great historic ministry that was in need of organizational change.

I realize my experience was not unique. Many young leaders find themselves rising in leadership within their respective organizations. They too would benefit from mentors assisting them in their leadership capacities. It is our hope through the Emerging Leaders Conference that we can bring mentors to help train and equip younger leaders in the tasks that God has set before them.