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3 Reasons You're Burned Out, And It's Not Your Fault

"Man, I am so sick of this rain! I'm so sick of..." It's funny to me when someone is strained by things they can't control. I've always found it a larger indicator of stress in smaller areas. A man's wife can be "fine" all day, but when dinner is burned or a hairbrush...

How the NGLC Impacted My Life – Toni Shena

Two years ago I was invited to go to the NGLC conference. I had been serving God for many years… Soon after the communism fell in my country, in 1993 I opened my heart to Jesus and immediately felt His calling. I followed. Lots of ministries done, many friendships...

NGLC 2014 Reflection: "Nothing you do is ever wasted."

Mike Baer challenged our ideas on integration and led us into a greater understanding of what an integrated lifestyle achieves. I look forward to continued spiritual success tomorrow amongst our Kingdom workers as we seek to achieve a more thoroughly integrated life....

NGLC 2014 Reflections

Our brothers and sisters rallied around our spiritual sibling ministering in the midst of an active war zone. I am constantly encouraged by our warriors and their heart for the healing and strengthening of others. Praise God for community of the saints. - Jim...

NGLC Insight, Bethany Tanner

Hello friends! First of all, I am SO looking forward to coming back for NGLC next month. NGLC had an incredible impact on me last summer that continued to reverberate in my heart as the months went on. I am eagerly awaiting all that the Lord has in store for us during...

ELC Insight, Mariya Dostzadah

Often times in our sincere heartfelt passion to bring the light and love of Christ to the unsaved, we jump to works, strategies and “how to” methods without fully establishing a firm foundation of what it means to be a humble servant leader

ELC Insight, Joe Frejosky

What a joy writing this article has been for me, personally, as it has given me the opportunity to remember the powerful work the Lord did in each of our lives during the 2013 ELC Conference.

Leader Contribution, Fran Patt

For the better part of thirty years my wife and I have been working to recruit and train men and women for cross-cultural service. In the process of this Sue and I have made friends with hundreds of Muslims, and Hindus from all over the world.